Artist Submissions

Want to be featured in Art on 7th?

Art on 7th is open to receiving new and creative work that compliments the work of our gallery artists, and when space allows.

All submissions must include the following:

Please email completed submissions to or fill out the form.

  • Artist Bio and CV
  • Contact Information (address, city, state, zip, phone)
  • Social media links
  • Up to 5 images, not to exceed 1MB each.
  • Image details to include:
    • Title
    • Date completed
    • Dimensions
    • Medium
    • Suggested retail price

Incomplete submissions will NOT be reviewed.

The gallery will contact the artist if we wish to explore a relationship.
Please do not call or email the gallery to follow-up.
We will contact you if your work is under consideration.

Let's talk!

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