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Art on 7th is Henderson County’s only exclusively contemporary art gallery. Established in 2021, the gallery features fine contemporary art by artists whose work sells and is exhibited nationally and internationally. The gallery represents many WNC artists whose emerging talent has been recognized, and warrants appreciation by art collectors.

Located in the revitalized 7th Avenue District, known as The Creative Edge of Hendersonville, the gallery is just a short walk from Historic Main Street. The gallery is a showcase for glass, sculpture, wood, fiber, and exceptional paintings in a variety of mediums and modern styles.

The mission of Art on 7th is to provide excellent, professionally executed artwork that will be valued and treasured by collectors for years to come.

Getting off the back porch…

Phil and Julie moved to to the area in 2018, joyfully leaving behind big city life in Dallas, Texas. After three years of blissful retirement, they decided it was time for a new adventure that would expand their participation as productive members of Western North Carolina’s community, Art on 7th was born!

Phil serves primarily as the business manager of Art on 7th, and is active in numerous downtown Hendersonville leadership initiatives contributing to the revitalization and development of the 7th Avenue District.

Julie is the Art Curator of the gallery, and responsible for assembling the team of varied and gifted gallery artists. In addition, she currently serves on the Boards of Hendersonville Symphony Orchestra and St. Gerard House, which serves children and families impacted by Autism.

Both of them find tremendous satisfaction bringing a bit of a big city experience into Hendersonville via the gallery. They welcome guests personally, and always enjoy meeting those who walk through the doors. Hospitality is a top priority, so expect to be warmly greeted when you visit! Be cautioned, they’ve both been known to engage customers in lengthy conversations, albeit interesting and humorous conversations.

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