Getting off the back porch...

“We’re thrilled to be taking this step in establishing our deeper roots in this community. After experiencing the leisure lifestyle of retirement for three years, we were both ready to “get off the back porch” and become intentional contributors to furthering the growth and important sustained development of downtown Hendersonville.”

Julie & Phil moved from Texas to North Carolina in 2018.  They reside in Horse Shoe, NC. Julie is a former city girl and native of Dallas, Texas. Phil is a former farm boy that hails from Rome, Pennsylvania. Moving to Western North Carolina had always been their dream for retirement, and when the time came, they were ready for the next chapter of their lives to be rooted here.

Prior to retirement, Phil was a successful business owner and contractor specializing in commercial and residential projects throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He brings his experience as a business owner and methodical project manager to the table. Julie acknowledges that without Phil’s knowledge and skills, Art on 7th would have never become a reality.

Julie brings her vast experience in marketing, advertising, event planning, fundraising and public relations to the table. Prior to her early retirement she worked professionally, as a volunteer, and for non-profits for more than 35 years coordinating and managing marketing campaigns in Dallas.

Phil and Julie have four adult children who enjoy leaving the city behind to come visit them.

Julie Wilmot and Phil Wilmot owners of Art on 7th Art Gallery in Hendersonville, NC
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