Simon Waranch

Simon Waranch Glass, Metal, Silicone, Reticello (International) Dallas, TX The possibilities that can emerge from the weight of hot glass at the end of a blowpipe and the promise of transforming molten material into shimmering, solid vessels are the elements […]

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Yuri Tsuzuki

Yuri Tsuzuki Metal, Clay, Mixed Media (Intertnational) Greenville, SC South Carolina has been Yuri’s home since the 1960s when she moved there from Japan. Her grandfather and father traveled to South Carolina from Nagoya to build the first of many

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Christopher Peterson

Christopher Peterson Oil Asheville, NC Christopher Peterson’s inspiration comes from several sources. The first is from the subjects themselves. Using the traditional skills of drawing and painting, he can observe and express the emotion in any given subject. Technically, any

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Jon Osborne

Jon Osborne Acrylic, Mixed Media Birmingham, AL Jon Osborne is a Birmingham, Alabama based Contemporary artist. Osborne’s work is influenced by music, dharma and urban art which inspires him to create. His pieces feature patterns of leaves and birds, as

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Joel Hunnicutt

Joel Hunnicutt Wood Turning (International) Hendersonville, NC It all started when Joel signed up for a furniture making class at a community college.  The idea was to learn how to make furniture for his home.  As soon as he turned

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Courtney Hoelscher

Courtney Hoelscher Acrylic, Mixed Media Flat Rock, NC Courtney received her degree in Art and Education in 1999. She is a National Board-Certified Art Teacher and has taught art at the high school level in North Carolina since 2007. Her

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Stephen Hackley

Stephen Hackley Acrylic, Mixed Media, Copper Dallas, TX Taking art classes in school was a beginning for Stephen, including achieving a major art award at the young age of 14, but he did not immerse himself into his career as

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Michelle Marra

Michelle Marra Acrylic, Mixed Media (International) Connecticut, Florida, North Carolina “As far back as I can remember I had a paintbrush in my hand. My mother recognized my obsession and enrolled me in private art lessons throughout my childhood into

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Walter Arnold

Walter Arnold Photography (International) Hendersonville, NC Walter Arnold is a self-taught fine art photographer born in Tallahassee, Florida in 1981. Walter grew up in a creative and artistic family and spent most of his childhood in Elmira, New York. After

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Laurie Yeates Adams

Laurie Yeates Adams Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Clay Hendersonville, NC Laurie Yeates Adams is an artist working in oils and concentrating on the figure. Laurie’s effort is to communicate the unique and exceptional inward nature of her subject.  She attempts

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